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The Dismantle report!

Brand by Me's are proud to launch their FIRST EVER report, the "DISMANTLE". A comprehensive and bold report that helps organisations to embed anti-racism and equity into their brand strategy and create tangible change.

The need for anti-racism work has never been greater, yet investment, interest, and focus around anti-racism in our society are dwindling. Even if individual leaders are still focused and passionate, they are struggling to sustain what they started. This challenge is evident across all sectors, but it is particularly pronounced in the charity and non-profit sector.

Brand by Me is known for building anti-racism into brands that can drive and accelerate progress.  So what better way to kickstart change than start with an audit of top 30 charity brands (according to Third Sector). 

A massive shout out to Theresa Jones, co-author of the report and research Lead at Brand by me, Thad Cox designer and Ettie Bailey-King editors. 

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