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The word INVEST ‘to provide or endow’.

There will always be contributing factors that support the suppression of black women in the

corporate and creative industry, statistics that simply echo how impossible it is to thrive

compared to our white counterparts. Still, despite the numbers and barriers, we are showing

and proving with excellence and grace that we are imperative assets within the workplace,

points of view that are lacking through hierarchy systems that help run the economy and

important structures, can only be highlighted from the perspective of what black women

have pushed through with the challenges they face whilst growing in their field.

Let’s highlight examples of black women that are staples and have made changes culturally and worldwide. Rosalind Brewer is a trailblazing executive who became the first Black woman to lead a Fortune 500 company in the retail sector when she was appointed CEO of Sam's Club in 2012. She is currently the CEO of Walgreens Boots Alliance and has been recognised for her leadership and commitment to diversity. Valerie Jarrett served as a senior advisor to President Barack Obama and played a key role in shaping domestic and foreign policy during his administration. Before her time in politics, Jarrett held various leadership positions in the corporate sector, including serving as the CEO of The Habitat Company, a real estate development firm.

These women have not only achieved impeccable success in their respective fields but have

also used their platforms to advocate for social and political change, making a lasting impact

on both the corporate world and politics.What would it look like if we were able to make the changes and invest in our black women in all the corporate industry?

We would be able to close the wage gap, boost moral and economic status through fair pay

policies and equal opportunities, boost household income, promote community and

development, and gradually allow black families to have more opportunities and quality of

life. Investing in Black women entrepreneurs fosters innovation and drives economic

development. Supporting Black-owned businesses through access to capital, technical

assistance, and procurement opportunities not only creates jobs but also promotes diversity

and competitiveness in the marketplace.

The conclusion

By investing in Black women alone, we can see a significant change in community, expansion, consumer spending and employment. There are so many pros in regard to boosting the exposure and knowledge that follows being under the driving force of a black woman, which poses the question.. are people scared of greatness? Are business and corporate structures scared of allowing women to lead and letting go of the normalised male-dominant system that we have been constrained by for millenniums?

These are important questions that need to be asked, and challenged. It starts with investing

in yourself and providing yourself with the correct knowledge and resources to succeed in

any field you want to thrive in and take it one step at a time to dominate, Rome was not built

in one day. We can already see the gradual changes that positively impact the world from our black female leaders, Let’s carry on this journey, support one another and continue to kick down the doors for this to happen

Shelby Castelo

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