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Catch us in Cannes

Updated: Jul 9

If you're a Marvel fan you know that origin stories are a big thing, and when we share why Join Our Table is necessary, you'll hear us mention The Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity as instrumental to our inception and how conversations during the 2023 event led to the creation of the JOT community.

So with that said, we are thrilled to say we will be in Cannes this year with JOT community members!! Just 12 months after saying 'Where are all the Black British women?' we are back and we're ensuring that Black British women are seen and supported.

If you are in Cannes you can 'catch JOT outside'


Not only are we opening up spaces for Black British women at the event, we have also been able to offer three women Cannes Lions festival passes. Samantha Almon Adeluwoye, Lettija Lee and Lianre Robinson will experience the festival as delegates.

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