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Black mental health matters!

I have spent the beginning of this year reflecting back and identifying when my mental health first began to be impacted and/or deteriorate and I believe it started at 8 years old.

The winding road of my mind has often felt like I am driving in the dark with no headlights (and I don’t even drive a car!)

As you will hear from my most powerful interview yet with 1000 Voices there was not much of the support that exists today when I needed it most and were still not there yet!

The sum of my experiences is what fuels me to champion the need for better Black Mental Health care, resources, practitioners but most of hashtag#education and hashtag#awareness.

I am proud to be the Ambassador for MHFA England® that leads on this space together with Adah Parris (she/her) & Simon Blake OBE CCMI together with the team. I will forever be grateful to Simon for his unwavering support & advocacy to share my own personal story together with hashtag#DeniseWelch in 2020 and to Adah for always ensuring in her capacity as Chair of the Board that I am heard and held in the space, especially when we tackle difficult conversations surrounding discrimination and racism.

You can watch my interview with Denise Welch - ‘Depression & Me’ here: 

The work Black Minds Matter UK led by Danielle Bridge is doing is vital! This organisation needs our financial support, engagement and amplification to continue to help the Black community. Thank you for this spotlight, it really means so so much 🫶🏾✨

You can watch my interview with Tevin Kittoe & 1000 Voices here:

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