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The story behind the Join Our Table ad campaign

Brand By Me launched our first ever national advertising campaign on October 1st 2023 for Join Our Table, a brand new initiative promoting the visibility of Black women in the advertising, marketing, media and communications industries. The campaign ran on digital outdoor billboards and screens across the country throughout October.

When the Join Our Table initiative approached us after being offered pro-bono outdoor advertising space, we knew that we had to create a brilliant campaign to bring Join Our Table's important message to a national audience.

Because the campaign is ALL about celebrating Black women, we really wanted to show and capture the joy and beauty of Black women and we realised that making the 8 co-founders of Join Our Table the faces of the outdoor campaign was a great way to do this.

Join Our Table connected us with Crystal Nyarko of Clear Narrative Media, a Black female photographer and together we came up with a concept for bright, uplifting imagery that demonstrated the sisterhood, support and spotlight that Join Our Table is all about.

Collette, our Founder, then worked with Thad Cox, our creative director who came up with colourful, uplifting branding and graphics to accompany bold headlines that immediately grab attention and shout out Black women with affirmations like "We got you, sis!" and "Queens".

C-Screens, the first outdoor advertising partner to come on board, offered Join Our Table, the opportunity to share its message on digital screens across the country, with the potential for audio as well as visuals.

We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use the full power of audio and worked with James Junior who created a brand new song, especially for this campaign called "Wings". The lyrics of the song perfectly capture the sentiment and meaning behind Join Our Table. However, we wanted to take this even further, so we asked the 8 Founders to record inspiring voicenotes that we embedded in the music track.

At Brand by Me, we believe that brands have the power to drive positive change. And this campaign is just one way we're making that happen.

Collette Philip (she/her)

Founder/Managing Director, Brand by Me

T: +447896596960


We build brands that drive social justice. Read all about our work building anti-racism into brands at

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