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Bloom's UK President

As Bloom UK's President, the weight of responsibility is real...ensuring a judgement-free zone for self-expression, challenging inequities in our industry, balancing serious advocacy with providing a safe space to have fun as a community.

Our collaboration with Women's Aid, addressing domestic abuse's devastating impacts, reminds there is no acceptable statistic above zero.

Leading this volunteer organisation while juggling life's demands is ever-present. The Juggle research reveal explored that work-life imbalance. Yet whenever exhaustion creeps in, I'm reenergised by someone who has bloomed through Bloom — whether finding their voice, confidence or permission to be their true selves. Purpose, the elixir to the meaning of life.

I had a vision for Bloomfest - mixing inspiring conversation and practical advice with my love of the arts, necessary nourishment for the soul. Hopefully a simple enough story concept Kevin Chesters! The goal was for people to feel welcomed, accepted and to leave uplifted, gifted, inspired - with intersectionality woven throughout as we explored diverse voices and calls to purpose balanced with play – see what I did there Em Stroud

An incredible team led by Michelle Yeadon & Emma Gardner collectively brought this vision to life, hosted by Marsha Jackson as attendees relaxed into the day finding their place - some on cushions on the floor in the packed ‘Stellar’ room, in the Breath room or just standing, listening to the beautiful voices of Miri and Amrit. Every speaker, host, workshopper, performer, clown, helper, producer leaned in.

It was awesome.

From Peju "The Spark" Abuchi IAMB’s poetry, Michelle Moore MA BA 's rallying the Change Makers panel I shared with fellow trailblazers Marsha Powell (MCIPD) Kelly Jacobson Collins... practical workshops on vision boarding, careers, NED roles & negotiation to discussions on identity, storytelling, authenticity - female athletes Rachel Yankey, OBE and Natasha Jonas sharing wins and failures on their journeys to the top ; thought-provoking talks that moved many beyond comfort zones. Landing on a panel about sex with the incredible Kelly Gordon and Cindy Gallop is still a mystery. Squirming slightly with host Jo Rigby meant safely embracing our vulnerability as we learn together. It was brilliant and loads of fun - it's Bloom after all! 

The incredible feedback and outpouring of appreciation for this inclusive approach suggest change ahead. Thanks to all sponsors, volunteers, talent, speakers, the phenomenal Bloom team and my peeps. Following Michelle Moore’s cue, I’m celebrating this and taking my flowers.

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