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It Takes A Village

Co-founder Chloe Davies has launched the ground breaking  It Takes A Village Collective and the creation of ‘We Can’t All Be Lying’ Global insight study – a pioneering exploration delving into the experiences of Black women across the Creative industry. This study is the first of its kind and takes a comprehensive look through the intersectional lens of both the Gender and Ethnicity pay gaps built in partnership with The Diversity Standards Collective which goes live on the 8th April 2024.

It Takes A Village Collective is a global hub for Black women in advertising, media, marketing and comms. Their mission is to ensure that 1 in 5 people in Adland will be a Black woman by 2028, together with Residents (Agencies, Brands & Businesses) & Citizens (Black women). Celebrating & championing them, for their talents to be seen, heard & amplified and together shape the collective industries into a space where Black women can have agency & thrive on their own terms.

Over the course of three years, they will collect data, engage communities & analyse results producing detailed insights & global reports. The result of which will be the creation of the 'ITAV Industry Charter' in 2027, which will provide industry stakeholders with internal and external toolkits to best cultivate the skillset & ethics of Black women, ensuring that at least 1 in 5 individuals in Adland are Black women by 2028. 

Ultimately, the work of ITAV will shine a spotlight on the underutilised & unrecognised power & influence of Black women not just within advertising and media but across all industry sectors and territories across the globe. This contribution is driven and backed by data reinforcing that it is vital for Black women to be seen, heard, championed & have true agency.

The time to act is now – because we can't all be lying about the need for change.

Chloë Davies - Founder & CEO:

From the very beginning, the concept of representation has held a profound place in my narrative. The realisation of not belonging has shaped my desire to foster inclusivity and pave the way for others in all aspects of my life and career. We cannot do this work without the data and our creative industry is built from insight and research. We design, create and shape the stories society sees outside in the world. We are the facilitators. Within this industry I adore, it is full of phenomenal and often unseen talent and there is an abundance of underutilised skills & opportunities.”

Thanks to Rich MilesNeale HuntSibulele Mjali & the whole The Diversity Standards Collective for all your support

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